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About Us


Founded in 2017, DollBaby is a boutique beauty brand offering a line of stylish and unique Self Care accessories.

Spearheaded by the launch of our signature product EDGI Brush, DollBaby has quickly become a fan favorite; known for its whimsical packaging and attention to detail.

Our Philosophy

Self Love = Self Care

The Mission

Stress can have a significant impact on everyday life, and those effects can be amplified on women of color. As a result, it’s critically important; for those in the Diaspora, to practice Self Care.

With limited resources, time and access, communities of color have been unknowingly aided by our kitchen beauticians and neighborhood barbers& salons. Those seemingly mundane, weekly beauty rituals can often serves as much needed stress relievers; and provide an opportunity to nurture mind, body and spirit.

Stress reducing activities [such as massage, manicures, pedicures, even laughter] can help reduce tension and increase blood circulation, which can actually help save lives.

Understanding the importance of self care amongst communities of color, our mission is to provide unique and stylish self care essentials; designed to promote the practice and compliment the at home experience.

With this in mind, DollBaby offers an array of well-designed, eco friendly products that enhance the toolsets of beauty mavens from all walks of life.

Here’s to immersing yourself in a lifetime of peace, tranquility and happiness…..