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Affiliate Program

Thank you for your interest in the DOLLBABY Affiliate Program.
We are excited that you want to use your platform to share our products with your followers.

Our affiliate program will allow you to generate income on the products you promote.

How it works?
Complete the formal registration process, by visiting the link below.
Once you are approved, each affiliate will be assigned custom coupon codes and links.

you add those links and coupon codes to your social media post and video comments  
Each time your link or code is used, you earn a commission on sales.                                                          Current Commission rates are as follows:


COMMISSION                   PREVIOUS                                         CURRENT AS OF 2/10/2021                              Per link click/ or visit         1¢ per click [100 clicks =$1.00]          5¢ per click [20 clicks =$1.00]                                   Per sale                            $1.00 or 10% per brush                     10% per entire sale [approx-$2.50+up] 

In addition, Dollbaby’s affiliate program offers a online management tool, that lets you monitor your sales and commissions in real time. So you can monitor traffic, sales and pending payouts.

To apply, please complete the registration form in its entirety.
Please note, completing this form does not ensure acceptance into the affiliate program.

All applications are subject to review.

If you are accepted into the program, you will be notified via email shortly with further instructions.

Click the link below to register